Finnish Artist Arja Krossbeck

"My brush is my instrument, the colours my note, the painting my music."

The Finnish painter Arja Krossbeck has been working as a painter for 17 years. She is known for her personal paining style, which reflects realism. Besides the painter career Krossbeck has worked for many charity organizations. She has done humanitarian work for Tampere Children's Clinic Support as their first painter godparent. For the association she has created an art card series with child motifs and hope raising aphorisms.

"In my work I use different painting techniques, including oil, pastel, charcoal and mixture techniques. The special feature in my work is combining the natural material bark in oil painting. The use of colours in layers as well as the scraping of painted and unpainted surfaces give the works a three dimensional impression. My main theme is to express life as a whole and to include different emotions visually, without words. Now I learn to sculpture in Nokia Visual and Pirkanmaa's Skill Centre."

More Artist statement by Arja Krossbeck.

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Arja Krossbeck's CV in short .